Tuesday, September 22, 2009

San Quentin Show (1967)

I am travelling today but just wanted to throw a little something in to the ring for you all to mull over.

Jeff Gold has unearthed a Communications Company handbill for a jam outside of San Quentin featuring members of both the Grateful Dead and Country Joe and The Fish. The facts as I understand them:

- The handbill is from the collection of Ralph J Gleason - so is credible.
- I have such a Country Joe and The Fish and Grateful Dead (plus possibly) Jefferson Airplane show listed for Thursday February 15, 1968
- I have a listing for the Grateful Dead performance at San Quentin on Thursday March 7, 1968 - but Country Joe and The Fish were in New York at this time.
- The handbill refers to the performance being on a Tuesday.
- And the real stinger - The Communications Company only operated between January and August 1967.

I have no time to check through the Barbs to reconfirm any dates. So. any thoughts? I do know that Joe McDonald and others have performed outside San Quentin in protest on the day of executions.


  1. Good stuff. We know about the February 1968 appearance outside from one of the participants (Jef Jaisun of Phoenix), and it was an afternoon affair on a flatbed truck outside the gates. Participants included, I believe, Jerry Garcia, Barry Melton, Jack Casady and various members of the group Phoenix. Since we have to assume an afternoon event for 1967 as well, we need to keep in mind that it could be the same day as another performance by the Dead or CJF, as long as they were in town.

  2. That handbill says Sunrise, center, across the top of the page, and it says you can be driven from Masonic and Oak at 4:15am on Tuesday.
    May 11, 1967 was a Tuesday.

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