Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Year's Eve 1974 and 1975 Keystone Berkeley "Lucky Strike"

I have written two posts about the fact that Jerry Garcia played the Keystone Berkeley on New Years Eve 1974 and 1975 without any advertising. For the 1974 gig, I posited that perhaps the band didn't play at all. For the 1975 gig, since we have a tape, we know the gig occurred, but I noted that the Garcia Band was not advertised.

Reviewing my own work, and before someone else catches it, let me point out that both times the Keystone Berkeley advertised Lucky Strike, and Garcia played the show. With this in mind, I have to retract my speculation that Garcia-Saunders did not play New Years 1974, as Lucky Strike seems to be Keystone Berkeley code for "Jerry's playing New Year's."

I guess now I have to start looking for other times that "Lucky Strike" played Keystone Berkeley (update: someone has done that, and despite the awesomeness of my theory, it turns out that Lucky Strike was an East Bay band, and my idea that it was secret code for Jerry Garcia wasn't the case--more's the pity)

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